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commercial tax reduction

Local and national businesses have received significant tax reductions from the attorneys at Schroder & Strom over the past 16 years. The firm has successfully resolved appeals for all types and sizes of commercial real estate, from small manufacturing facilities and retail stores, to large shopping centers, industrial facilities, car dealerships, hotels, and apartment buildings.

Schroder & Strom is one of the few firms in New York that handles real estate tax appeals throughout the State, including New York City, in addition to handling residential appeals.

Our attorneys are well-versed in valuation issues and current judicial decisions. Each attorney uses every available resource to establish the lowest credible value during administrative and judicial review. The firm takes a team approach to prepare for negotiations. Our attorneys collaborate daily, reviewing and comparing every possible argument that can be made to achieve lower values and lower taxes.

Effective representation requires that our attorneys explore every factor and building condition that can support lower taxes. Our attorneys are accustomed to inspecting our clients’ properties and meeting on-site to consider every possible valuation issue that can be presented to lower taxes.

Our attorneys maintain a continuing dialogue with our clients about their commercial properties. We carefully review annual rent rolls and leasing activities, as well as financial statements to establish trends and highlight problems. Difficulties in collecting rent, escalations, and common area charges affect cash flow and ultimately value. We review on-site parking requirements and availability, building code compliance issues, non-conforming uses, deferred maintenance, and environmental factors. Every one of these factors needs to be presented to the municipality to prevail in real property tax cases.