Nassau County Tax Grievance Deadline is March 1, 2018!

Homeowners who don’t file appeals are paying higher taxes*
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Working with Schroder & Strom is completely risk-free. If we don't reduce your property taxes, we don't charge you.

  • Law firm with deeper insights, more expertise
  • Over 60 years combined legal experience on Long Island.
  • More ways to lower taxes, because we're a law firm.
  • Continue to appeal and save, year after year
  • Risk-free. No fee if you don't win.
  • Highly personalized service from attorneys

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We do all the work. We take time to get the right information from you. Our approach is highly personal, so with a few detailed questions, we get all the information necessary to help you win. As attorneys, we think differently, we take care of everything and make sure you have the best chance to win. And, because we're a law firm, we can take your case further, increasing the likelihood that your taxes will be reduced (and we still won't charge you unless we win).

You have nothing to lose and everything to win!

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Property tax reduction experts:

When it comes to lowering property taxes on Long Island, in NY, and in Nassau County and Suffolk County, the law firm of Schroder & Strom has unparalleled expertise. We are real estate attorneys who know how to file and assess the value of your property, understand market value, and how help our clientele enjoy tax savings.

What to expect:

The tax savings process is very simple. A real estate attorney or tax reduction professional at Schroder & Strom will do a telephone intake with you. You can fill out a form to get started, or just talk to an experienced property tax reduction expert by calling 516-472-7430. We’ll ask specific questions about your property to assess property value and determine whether you’re a good candidate.

We are tax reduction attorneys who get results:

All over Long Island, in Westchester and beyond, we have extensive experience. In Nassau County, Schroder & Strom has a 96% success rate at lowering residential and commercial property taxes. No real estate law firm is better equipped to file your claim or file your tax reduction appeal.