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Important Tax Grievance Deadlines

  • Nassau County: Anticipated, Spring 2025
  • Suffolk County: Anticipated, Spring 2025

Why Schroder & Strom?

Working with Schroder & Strom is completely risk-free. If we don’t reduce your property taxes, we don’t charge you.

  • Lawyers with deeper insights, more expertise
  • Over 100 years combined legal experience on Long Island.
  • More ways to lower taxes, because we’re a law firm.
  • Continue to appeal and save, year after year
  • Risk-free. No fee if you don’t win.
  • Highly personalized services from attorneys

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    Since 2000, the tax certiorari law firm of Schroder & Strom has focused on real estate litigation, successfully reducing real estate taxes for commercial and residential clients in Nassau County and Suffolk County, throughout New York and in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida.

    Schroder & Strom’s experts are 100% committed to your successful relief. We grieve residential and commercial property taxes, argue condemnation and eminent domain disputes with government agencies, and uncover eligibility for compensation and property tax deferrals. Work with our lawyers and you work directly with advisors who are highly experienced real estate tax attorneys dedicated to protecting your interests, with unsurpassed responsiveness, service, and professionalism.


    When it comes to lowering property taxes on Long Island, in NY, and in Nassau County and Suffolk County, and in Westchester, the law firm of Schroder & Strom has unparalleled expertise. Our consultants are real estate tax attorneys who know exactly how to file and assess the value of your property. We’re advisors who understand market value and know how to help our clientele enjoy tax savings relief.


    The tax savings process is very simple. One of our real estate attorneys or tax reduction experts at Schroder & Strom will do a telephone intake with you. You can fill out a form to get started, or just talk to an experienced property tax reduction lawyer by calling 516-742-7430. Your advisors will ask specific questions about your property to assess its value and determine whether you’re a good candidate for our services.


    All over Long Island, in Westchester and beyond, our experts have extensive experience. In Nassau County, Schroder & Strom has a 96% success rate at lowering residential property taxes. No tax relief consultant or real estate law firm is better equipped to file your claim or file your property tax appeal.

    “Never paid real close attention to my real estate taxes, but we were analyzing them with our broker. My school taxes went down by $3000 this year and my total taxes are now under $25,000. We are $10,000 less than a competing house in the neighborhood that just went on the market. Just wanted to thank you for an awesome job.”

    L.K., Syosset, NY

    “Over the past ten years Schroder & Strom has helped me save over $14,000 on my taxes. That really adds up. I didn’t have to do a thing, the process was smooth and simple.”

    Scott P., Muttontown, NY

    Yes, I want to lower my property taxes.

    Schroder & Strom has a 96% success rate. Just submit the form below, and one of our experienced real estate tax attorneys will follow up with a few questions to determine whether your home has been over-assessed. It’s risk-free – you pay nothing unless we win.

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      Nassau County: March 18, 2024
      Suffolk County: May 21, 2024

      Nassau County Commercial Property Owners
      Must Submit an ASIE-2022 by March 18, 2024