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“Schroder & Strom has handled my annual tax grievance for the last 10 years. Every year, they contact me like clockwork. All I do is authorize them to act on my behalf, and they do the rest. Over that time, Schroder & Strom has saved me over $10,400 in annual real estate taxes. That’s significant. And, if I decide to sell my house and move to another community after retirement, it will be a real advantage that my residential taxes have been kept as low as possible.”

– Don A., Congress Street, East Williston

“Over the past four years Schroder & Strom has helped me save over $14,000 on my taxes. That really adds up. I didn’t have to do a thing; the process was smooth and simple.”

– Scott P., Muttontown N. Y

“Over the past 13 years, my refunds and savings on my home were in excess of $57,000 as a result of filing with Schroder & Strom.”

– Michael D., Evans Drive, Brookville NY

“Never paid real close attention to my real estate taxes, but we were analyzing them with our broker. My school taxes went down by $3000 this year and my total taxes are now under $25,000. We are $10,000 less than a competing house in the neighborhood that just went on the market. Just wanted to thank you for an awesome job.”

– L.K. (Syosset, NY)