Your property taxes can be reduced by challenging your assessment.


Residential Tax Reduction

Residential Property Tax Reduction

Commercial Property Tax Reduction

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We are the experts in New York State with a 96% success rate in Nassau County. Unlike most firms that send postcards and letters saying they can help reduce your taxes, we’re attorneys. Sometimes the battle is greater than a mere valuation dispute.

The lawyers at Schroder & Strom have assisted our clients in correcting property tax assessments for reasons other than valuation. Tax representatives at those other firms are not trained or legally permitted to handle this in the courtroom.

Restrictive interpretations of tax laws can heavily favor municipalities against taxpayers. We have fought those in court and exposed errors in homeowner assessments, which caused them to have excessively high values and taxes.

Every residential property under appeal is carefully reviewed upon intake and during the appeal process to determine the most effective case that can be made to reduce our client’s assessment. We can address difficult valuation or jurisdictional issues beyond simple SCAR hearings and take them directly to the courtroom – at no additional cost. Appeals can even be taken to higher Courts in the State when necessary.

We have more than 100 years of proven legal expertise in lowering property taxes. We’ve successfully challenged over 100,000 tax grievance cases for homeowners throughout New York State. Our team has literally saved millions of dollars for our clients; therefore, most of our new business is referral-based.


Property taxes can seem very complicated. Like income taxes, your property taxes should be reviewed annually and there’s an annual deadline for filing April 3, 2023 for Nassau County, NY homeowners and May 16, 2023 for Suffolk County, NY homeowners. While the system is complex, working with attorneys who are experts makes it simple.

Once you give us the important facts about your property, we take care of the rest. We prefer phone calls and emails because we know that the details you give us are often exactly why our results are superior. And we stay in touch every step of the way. Our personal approach is different, and our client retention numbers reflect the care we take with each grievance.


There is absolutely no fee if there is no tax reduction. Our fee is 50% of the property tax reduction, which is due after the official notification is received. It’s a flat fee that you pay once. If we do not succeed, you pay nothing. And, it’s important to note: grieving your property taxes will never result in your taxes going up.

*If a SCAR petition is filed, a $30 court-filing fee may apply.


Make your property more attractive with lower taxes. A property tax appeal can increase your home’s value as well as boost the pool of interested buyers. Lower taxes make any home more appealing.

One of the first questions prospective homebuyers ask is, “what are the property taxes?” The lower the taxes, the more appealing the home. It makes sense to ensure you’ve got the lowest property tax assessment possible. Assessed property value and market value are very different; assessed value is what the government believes your home is worth, and you want this to be as low as possible.