Nassau County Property Owners Face Countywide Tax Reassessment

Nassau County Property Owners Face Countywide Tax Reassessment County Executive Laura Curran recently sent a Tax Impact Notice to Nassau  property owners informing them that local real estate taxes have been reassessed. This marks the first county-wide reassessment since 2011, when tax rolls were frozen by the previous administration. The revaluation will have far-reaching impacts [...]

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New York City Property Tax Rates Will Not Change for Commercial Properties, Apartment Buildings, Cooperatives, and Most Condominiums, but Will Increase for Homeowners

New York City Department of Finance has released 2018/19 residential and commercial property tax rates. Residential Class 1 property tax rates (1-3 family homes and condominiums of 3 stories or less) have increased 2.61% from $20.385/ $100 to $20.919/$100. Residential Class 2 property tax rates for apartments, cooperatives, and condominiums of 4 stories and higher [...]

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Nassau County Revaluation Update: Can a Phase-in of Assessments Work in Nassau County?

Nassau County Revaluation Update: Can a phase-in of assessments work in Nassau County? The real estate tax Law Firm of Schroder & Strom weighs in on tremendous risk to the financial stability of Nassau property owners. Nassau homeowners have received revaluation notices from David Moog, the County Assessor, advising that the value of their homes [...]

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What Affects the Value of Your Home?

How to understand all the factors that affect the values of properties in Nassau and Suffolk County. What is your Long Island home worth? You may think your Nassau or Suffolk County home is worth a million dollars or more. Perhaps a buyer or lender won’t agree. The local assessor may believe your Long Island [...]

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